Eternal Tears Of Sorrow – Tears Of Autumn Rain (2009)


This single from this band just adds to my anxiety of waiting for their new full length album. It features 2 tracks, one from the new album, and a remake of Vilda Mannu. This all-star band from Finland create a very interesting blend of music. While they maintain the aggressiveness of the older stuff, they add a more symphonic layer to their latest releases. And this is just great, the sound is very melodic and powerful.

This single opens up with the title track and it blows you away. Featuring nice melodic keyboards complementing the guitar riffs, harsh vocals, precise drumming and a great chorus that will have everybody head banging, the only bad thing is that it’s only 4 minutes long!.

The remake of Vilda Mannu is like it’s original version: powerful and melodic, but they adapted the song to their newer symphonic style making this great song sound better than ever.

Just by listening to two of their songs I can dare to say that their new album will be amazing. Everybody should get this single so you can understand what I’m talking about, and join me in waiting for the full length album due in May.

Band: Eternal Tears Of Sorrow Album: Tears Of Autumn Rain
Label: Suomen Musiikki Year: 2009
Official Site myspace
Genre: Symphonic Death Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 90/100

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