Chaossworn – Chalice of Black Flames (2010)


Formed under the moniker of Creeping Death, the band changed names to Chaossworn in 2009. As a promising but underachieving band they released 3 demos and 1 EP before changing names, now with “Chalice of Black Flames” the band is unleashing three powerful songs of pure chaotic Swedish Death/Black Metal.

If you love bands like Dissection, Einherjer and Naglfar, then you will love what Chaossworn brings to the table in this short but sweet EP. While some people might argue that ‘there is nothing new’ presented in “Chalice of Black Flames”, but there is nothing wrong about ‘similar but good’. Because of the lack of releases that feature this Swedish Death/Black sound, we think that Chaossworn deserves a chance in the spotlight since their music is spot on in every single level.

The band starts up this EP with the epic “Crowned and Winged”, a song that features powerful and catchy riffing, paired with hellish vocals and tight drumming. This song immediately had us in headbang-mode since it’s been a while we’ve heard something with this intensity and melody.

Having no time to spare, the band also makes a strong impression with their second song: “Bringer of the Storms”. Featuring a faster pace and more brutal drumming, this song can easily be passed as Marduk or even Dark Funeral if it had more ‘extreme singing’. Closing the EP we got “Chalice of Black Flames”, another powerful piece that also hits harder on the Symphonic Black Metal side of things because of its brutal riffing, massive drumming and an interesting atmosphere.

Mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound, this album sounds like any big-budget release and will blow your eardrums out if you crank it up to 11. The only complaint that we can have about this release is that is very short, but other than that, we hope to listen more from this powerful band.

Band: Chaossworn Album: Chalice of Black Flames
Label: Abyss Records

Release: June 15th, 2010

Official Site myspace
Genre: Melodic Death/Black Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 85/100

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