Thee Orakle – Metaphortime (2009)


Every once in a while I stumble upon a great album from an unsigned band, and this month’s surprise album was “Metaphortime” by Thee Orakle from Portugal. I’m always amazed that bands of this quality are not signed while other bands that suck are. Anyways, this band formed in 2004 and after one demo and one EP they released this album. If you did not know this, you would have never imagined it.

“Metaphortime” showcases a band that is very good at playing a style that has been loosing popularity over the last few years (Death /Doom Gothic metal) because most of the band playing this style sounded all similar. But Thee Orakle manages to keep it fresh and while they are not the most original band, they are pretty good at what they play. And in my opinion that’s what quality a band should do.

In each track you can listen to perfectly layered compositions that highlight the musicianship of the band members. The keyboards in every song are great and not overpowering. The vocals are the typical “beauty and the beast” style, but they go well with the music. The guitar melodies are top notch, and you can even hear the bass guitar highlighted in some songs. All band members are very good at their instruments and they excel in creating music that sounds like it came from a band with a longer musical trajectory.  I’ll be looking for this band’s releases in the near future, because they can only get better.

This a few words this release features very good music, from an up and coming band that hopefully will get signed soon. If you miss the good old Death /Doom gothic metal bands, you can find something to entertain yourself with this album.

Band: Thee Orakle Album: Metaphortime
Label: Unsigned Year: 2009
Official Site myspace
Genre: Death / Doom Gothic Metal

Country: Portugal

Rating: 91/100

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