Warvictims - Domedagen (2010)


If you like D-beat/Punk you should already know who the Swedish Warvictims are. If you don’t, then definitely check this album out. We are not huge fans of the genre or this band, but we can notice how intense and raw Domedagen is.

In a quick lowdown of “Domedagen” we have to say that the punk riffing and drumming is very persistent during the album and create the right atmosphere for a band of this genre. The production quality on this release is pretty shitty, but we assume this would add more ‘rawness’ and ‘authenticity’ to the album.

The guitar work is fairly standard and the pounding bass guitar is very dominant, sometimes it completely obscures the guitar. If you are looking for originality, this band has nothing on this department but they do put out a great effort with “Domedagen”. There are some nice solos here and there and the vocals are very aggressive, for us these two things make this release listenable and at points maybe enjoyable.

The reason we don’t like these kinds of releases is because all songs sound the same but if you don’t mind it then you are in for a treat with “Domedagen”. If you like D-beat with crustiness to it, get the album since it will surely please your ears.

Band: Warvictims Album: Domedagen
Label: CAH records

Release: 2010

Official Site myspace
Genre: D-beat/Crust

Country: Sweden

Rating: 80/100

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