Crematoria – Demo(lish) (2009)


In the last few years most of the new kids playing Death Metal (or at least trying) have managed to completely miss the point and get a solid grasp on the genre. We can guarantee that most of those bands have gone and changed into playing Metalcore or dissolved. However, there are always a very limited number bands that truly get it and release bad-ass demo’s, Crematoria is one of them.

Hailing from Denmark, the band formed in 2008 and released their first demo in 2009. This 3-song release is aptly titled “Demo(lish)”, featuring very solid songs that punch you right in the face. With some Trash foundations on their riffs the band has crafted these songs very nicely, and while they might not be revolutionary, they are solid and very catchy.

The growls are very deep and brutal, just like a true Death Metal singer should be. There are no faggy clean vocals and the harsher screams are pretty solid and provide a nice variety to the music, a problem that some DM bands have: too many growls and no variety = putting you to sleep.

Since this is only a three song demo we can’t really see if the band is completely for real. But if they can make a full-length album worth of songs, then we will be very impressed. The band does nothing to flashy or tries to show off in any way, they stick to the basics and provide a hefty riffing variety, powerful drumming and a solid bass guitar track.

We can’t really ask more from a band’s demo, and if you can find this release be sure to check it out if you like DM. We hope this band keeps their shit together and in the future releases a solid full-length debut.

Band: Crematoria Album: Demo(lish)
Label: Unsigned

Release: August 2009

Official Site myspace
Genre: Death Metal

Country: Denmark

Rating: 85/100

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