Grave – Burial Ground (2010)


When it comes to Death Metal it’s already a widely proven fact that nobody can do it like the older bands can. With all the 16 year-old pissed off emo kids trying to create Death Metal and heavily relying on Pro-Tools and other modern ‘magic’ elements to have their band sound decent, we are left hanging to our old school albums, and waiting for the remaining greats to produce new music.

This month we have Grave’s “Burial Ground”, and album that clearly states why bands like this will never get old. Yes, you might argue that this band is not dynamic or fresh sounding anymore, but when it comes to Death Metal, who gives a shit. We all want chugging mid-tempo songs with fast-paced drumming and consistent growls. None of that modern sounding shit.

Released through Regain Records, “Burial Ground” is the latest album from the band since they returned to the stages back in 2002. And while it might not be their ‘best ever’ it still is the best they have released since getting back together. “Burial Ground” shows that Ola Lindgren can still come up with sick riffs and put on a mean singing performance.

The drumming features the traditional Swedish DM sound that never sounds lame, dull or full of pointless fills. The band has done a great job in keeping up with the years and never sounding ridiculously dated, or transformed into shapeless beast like their country men and at some point ‘competitors’ Entomed did.

If you are looking for a solid DM release you know you will find it with “Burial Ground”, gave has been (for the most part) very consistent in the quality of their albums and with this release they show they still have what it takes. If you are looking for something a little more brutal and meaty, then check out Immolation’s new release instead.

Band: Grave Album: Burial Ground
Label: Regain Records

Release: June 14th, 2010

Official Site myspace
Genre: Death Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 86/100

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