Locusta – Locusta (2010)


Hailing from the USA today we have Locusta, a band that plays an interesting combination of Death/Black and Progressive Metal. While the band does have a very original sound, they have some flaws here and there that make their self-titled debut album a very good attempt but not quite there kind of record.

The first thing we will note is that the band’s technical abilities greatly surpass their budget for this record, even if you had whatever amount the band paid to record this album changed into pennies and lugged it around on a big bag. The album’s product makes us want to cry since it sounds very bad. The drumming is extremely wobbly and sounds like when our tape player was destroying our precious cassettes back in the day. The guitars sound very weird, something we attribute to the production but it might be the ‘especial distortion’ used by the band.

Setting the sound aside, we find that the band actually has great ideas behind their music. Their song-writing abilities might not be great… yet, but they can sure as shit write interesting songs that feature all kinds of different tempo changes and brilliant transitions. Songs like “Mutiny” makes us appreciate how this band can go from a crushing technical DM section seamlessly into a ‘clean’ passage slowing things down from 100 to 30 mph in 2 seconds without crashing.

We also see that some songs have very dirty and crushing parts like “Death or Devition” and this will make you wonder if you are still listening to the same band. But then the solos start creeping in and change the direction of this song very interestingly. The chugging riffs through the album remind us of Immolation’s best work.

As far as pinpointing how the band sounds, it’s still a daunting task even after listening to this album several times. But we will venture in saying that they have some similarities with Death in their later albums, but with heavier and meaner vocals. There is definitely enough talent in this band to spare.

Progressive Death Metal can be a proper label for Locusta, but more importantly, we have a very solid band with enough promise and if they get a few extra dollars to record in a better studio, they will surely impress the scene in the next few years. If you are looking for something brutal, and technically impressive get this album and try not to mind the wobbly sounding drums.

Band: Locusta Album: Locusta
Label: Pragmatic Records

Release: February 2010

Official Site myspace
Genre: Progressive Death Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 88/100

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