Daylight Misery – Promo (2009)


While checking our ‘to review’ folder of digital promos sent by bands we happened to stumble upon this little gem that was hiding underneath the piles of albums we get every month. Daylight Misery is a band from Greece that plays a mean combination of Death/Doom Metal with some Gothic Metal influences.

Highly focused on the guitar work rather than the keyboards, the band creates a very depressive atmosphere (the part we love the most from the genre). When the keyboards are used, they are like the icing on top of an already delicious cake. This 3-song promo is probably one of the best we have received in quite a while and their upcoming release “Depressive Icons” sounds like it will be even better.

Starting off with “Meadows of Desire”, you quickly get immersed in the band’s sound. With powerful riffing, an intricate bass guitar line, and great growls combined with some female vocals, the band starts this promo with a bang and never let’s go. There are some keyboards in this song but they are just secondary (at least to us).

The second song “Soul Embraced” reminds us instantly of EvenSong’s “Path of The Angels”. The overall atmosphere is again top notch, and while most Death/Doom bands are usually painfully slow, this band actually keeps things on a faster tempo, much like EvenSong used to do.

The closing song “Depressive Icons” opens with a mournful riff that pretty much makes this song epic. The violin arrangements just give that My Dying Bride touch to the music, but Daylight Misery is far from being a clone of this legendary band. Clocking around 4:30 minutes this song feels a bit short, but still very effective.

In general, we can’t wait for “Depressive Icons” the band shows great promise with this Promo (available for free on their myspace site). It’s been years since we have heard a band sound like this, with great similarities to As Diving Grace (older stuff), EvenSong, and Draconian, this band has all the right ingredients to be one of the greats of the genre.

Band: Daylight Misery Album: Promo
Label: Unsigned

Release: 2009

Official Site myspace
Genre: Death/Doom/Gothic Metal

Country: Greece

Rating: 90/100

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