Violet Sun – Loneliness in Supremacy (2010)


Featuring a very bombastic (and futuristic) sound, today we have Violet Sun, an unsigned band from Italy. The band does a very good job in creating Symphonic Power Metal songs that are as good as any other signed band that plays similar music. But Violet Sun adds a wide variety of different elements to the mix, creating a very peculiar sound of their own.

Our first comparison that comes to mind is with Edenbrigde. Both bands rely on a Symphonic Power Metal foundation accompanied by Female vocals. However, Edenbrigde relies more on ‘massive’ arrangements and some guitar virtuosity all courtesy of Lanvall. Violet Sun has more Progressive Metal elements in their sound, as well as clean Male vocals that sometimes hit the spot, but in other occasions sound a bit off.

In essence, Violet Sun’s music has its core in Symphonic Power Metal, with a wide variety of influences ranging from Gothic Metal and Progressive Metal. We like how the futuristic sounding keyboards enrich the music and make it sound very different than most bands (a lot like Anthropia). We also enjoy the keyboard virtuosity presented in the album, but it would have sounded better paired with some more extreme guitar virtuosity as well. The electronic elements here and there bring up the music a bit, giving it a different edge.

The overall Symphonic atmosphere of the album is top notch and creates a very unique world to “Loneliness in Supremacy”. The female vocals feature a nice range and a very unique sound to them, allowing them to have (yet another) identifier to their own sound. The choir sections are just more icing on top of the cake, and just and grandiosity to the songs where they are used.

As for why this band is not signed, we might suspect that the incorporation of the futuristic and progressive elements into the bands music might throw people off and get confused by the band. But we also think that they are trying to innovate in the genre and their music actually does sound quite good and fresh.

Overall, “Loneliness in Supremacy” is a majestic release that has all the right elements and the correct sound to get worldwide acclaim. With the use of Sax, oriental instruments, a full on opera choir, and mastering by Mika Jussila, the band means serious business. If you like Power Metal, Progressive Metal, or Gothic Metal, give Violet Sun a try you will not regret it.

Band: Violet Sun Album: Loneliness in Supremacy
Label: Unsigned

Release: 2010

Official Site myspace
Genre: Symphonic Power Metal

Country: Italy

Rating: 87/100

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