Comparative Anatomy – Mammalia (2010)


Our category of WTF releases has gotten its most recent entry: Comparative Anatomy’s “Mammalia”. A brilliant release that is disturbed, deranged, and plain fucked up, but we love it and can’t stop listening to this album. The animal samples will freak you out at the beginning, but once you get used to them, they are like the chant of a siren in our ears.

The masterminds behind Comparative Anatomy are two dudes named Sir Puffers Rabbinald the Third and Ron Chickenbaby, dressing up like a rabbit and a chicken you can start to imagine how bizarre this band really is. Featuring two bass guitars a whole lot of samples, a drum machine (we think), and a wide variety of screams, Comparative Anatomy has managed to create something we haven’t heard before.

For around 40 minutes the listener is treated to a deranged combination of brilliantly mixed animal samples and screeching bass guitar lines that sometimes touch the boundaries of Noise music. The ten chaotically constructed tracks flow magically and before you know it you find yourself playing this album all over again, it is that good.

The creativity behind “Mammalia” is something that is quite unique and rare these days. The band has some metal foundations and you can hear them on the hyper-fast drumming and the distorted bass guitar. The band has done a marvelous job at combining samples with aggressive drumming and crushing bass guitar.

While this release was highly entertaining for us, we might suspect that plenty of people will frown and run like a rabid dog away from this album. The band’s bizarre combination of elements is both magical and downright strange. However, we love that this release is completely different to what we usually get to review. There are some tracks that are more aggressive than others and we totally dig that this release will keep you guessing what is next.

If you are in the market for some seals, dogs, hippos, etc making weird noises accompanied by fast-paced drumming and distorted bass guitars, then you will hit the jackpot with “Mammalia”. If you like the occasional Noise release, then you will also appreciate some of the elements that Comparative Anatomy incorporates into their music. We loved “Mammalia” for the originally and degradedness behind it’s ten songs. By the way, head over to their MySpace page to check out some of their craziness in the shape of pictures and their band bio.

Band: Comparative Anatomy Album: Mammalia
Label: Mind Flare Media

Release: 2010

Official Site myspace
Genre: Experimental

Country: USA

Rating: 88/100

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