Triumfall – Antithesis Of All Flesh (2010)


Hailing from Serbia today we have Triumfall, a Black Metal band signed on Infernus (Gorgoroth) Forces Of Satan label. After listening to this release for a few times, we still have mixed feelings about this release. The production on this album is somewhat crappy in our opinion since the drumming sounds very bad sometimes, but it might be what the band was shooting for.

The band plays a very interesting Black Metal that is very melodic in nature and has plenty of keyboard highlight here and there. This makes us remember the old days of demo tapes we received from bands from countries like Mexico, where they used keyboard highlights on plenty of Black Metal releases. While this sounds good, it also sounds very amateur because of they way they are written, maybe the keyboard player has limited skills, but they sound a bit simple.

The riffing is very standard, and while it has nice melody to it, it’s nothing we haven’t heard before. There are some interesting and cool rhythmical sections, but through the album there is a lot of re-hashing of riffs. Sometimes the distortion is kind of crappy like on “Within Their Midnight”, but we kind of dig this particular song.

There are some clean vocals that sound a bit off, but still add an unexpected twist to the music at the end of the song “Skies Are The Chains”. With all these little details, we can’t really agree if the band is badly trying to sound unique, or they just mix shit together and see what happens. We like some of the experimentation, but it makes the songs in this release feel somewhat disconnected.

As a pure Black Metal release, most people will surely trash this album since it offers good moments, but they well dulled out by ‘melodic’ aspects (keyboards). As a melodic BM album it lacks a lot in creativity, like we mentioned the keyboards are pretty basic and are just there to slow down the music a bit and give a sense of atmosphere.

If you want a different BM release that has both furious sections and melodic aspects, this will surely interest you. However, if you are a purist of either of those two separated genres, then stay away, since this release is not that good in either of the genres. We can see the potential in this band’s music, but we just think they should focus more on connecting songs and establishing their own identity.

Band: Triumfall Album: Antithesis Of All Flesh
Label:Forces of Satan /Regain Records

Release: June 15th, 2010

Official Site myspace
Genre: Black Metal

Country: Serbia

Rating: 82/100

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