Dødsferd - Wrath (2024)


Hailing from Greece, today we have the sinister Dødsferd and their latest opus “Wrath”. Featuring ten tracks and nearly one hour of crushing Black Metal, this band shows the listener no mercy with their high-octane tracks and fierce sound. Highly recommended for purists of the genre, this album packs a lot of punch and shows that the band means business.

Waiting no time to establish a pummeling atmosphere, “Restoration of Justice” opens the release with incisive guitar work and hellish vocals, courtesy of Wrath, one of the most consistent and fierce vocalists in the scene. The band pummels through pieces like “Decay of Sanity”, “Raging Lust of Creation”, and “Spiritual Lethargy”, unleashing long tracks (up to 10 minutes long) of sheer brutality.

Never slowing down, “Heaven Drops With Human Filth” is one clear example of the band’s explosive creativity with crafty drumming alongside an intense progression. Our favorite piece has to be the 10-minute “Failure Ablaze in Your Existence”, a hellish song that has a nice 90’s Black Metal vibe paired with superb melodic guitar onslaughts and a crushing bass guitar line. We particularly enjoy that the songs are long and nicely delve in different tempos, keeping things interesting and far from linear.

Showcasing some interesting weirdness in the closer “Back to my Homeland...A Beast in Calm”, the band will certainly rattle some heads as this track is unconventional to say the least. However, this is an interesting change of pace that might shock some. Overall, “Wrath” is a fine release from this Greek outfit and should definitely be given a shot by any fan of the genre.

Band: Dødsferd Album: Wrath

Label: Hypnotic Dirge Records

Release: May 10th, 2024

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Greece

Rating: 95/100

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