Interview with Coronatus (Mats)

Infernal Masquerade: Thanks for the interview, and let’s get started with the question:

I.M: Having formed back in 2002, the band did not release its first full–length until “Lux Noctis” in 2007, what happened in that time? How did the process of getting signed with Massacre Records happen?

M: In this time we only recorded a single with the two songs „Volles Leben“ and „Strahlendster Erster“, songs which appeared later on the albums Lux Noctis and Porta Obscura, too. Coronatus was rather a project than a band in these days. We had no steady nor full line up and the vocals have been with male voices. This time is something I would like to forget, since Coronatus was at least partly, really no good band these days. It took until winter 2004 when we casted Carmen and another singer to do a gig in stuttgart. This was the starting point of Coronatus as a real band. We recorded the material for Lux Noctis in 2006, made the artwork and sent it to several record companies. One of the most interesting offers came from Massacre. Additionally the company is located very near to our place, so the contact can be quite intensive...and they have good coffee there....

I.M: In these days that more and more Gothic Metal bands are going to a more ‘commercially safe sound’, but Coronatus has managed to stay with it’s own ‘heavier’ sound, why do you think the band has continued this path and not went the ‘commercial’ way?

M: Well, I think there is no need for an additional band of this genre sounding the commercial way. Me personally, I like bands that follow their own path and that is simply what we do with Coronatus. It is not so much a planned thing, although we decided to put the guitars a little bit to the front and of course  we added a second guitarist, Aria, to our line up. All this lead to the heavier sound and we love it...being not commercial might break us economically but I believe that the interest in Coronatus can be kept over a longer time period than it would be the case if we would strive for being the x-clone of  bands like Within Temptation or Nightwish (bands I really like; however, following our own path is more fun and also gives much more confidence in our own abilities)

I.M: Can you tell us more about the concept or main ideas behind the lyrics of “Fabula Magna”?

M: This time we concentrated on lyrics that stem from myths and legends (international ones like the Flying Dutchmen in “Der Fluch” but also local ones like in “Der letzte Tanz”). This goes from antique stories like “Tantalos” to almost new ones like “Josy” that treads the 1920s prohibition time. We all like reading and listening to such stories. I remember listening to such stories when I was a child. Later reading everything I could found in our local library. Myths and legends have always been an amazing tool for the imagination.

I.M: How do you think “Fabula Magna” differs from the bands first 2 albums?

M: Well, it is a much more direct sound. Also the arrangements are not that complicated than with Porta Obscura. We wanted to keep the essence of a song clear. Not overloaded with too much details. However, there is still a lot of things inside the songs that deserves a second or third round for the interested listener, I think. Additionally the tendency went towards a little bit faster songs. It is more fun, since it challenges a bit more than doing everything in the mid-tempo range. Again, this diminishes the commercial aspect of course. But that is not the most important thing for us.

I.M: Having released a new album almost every year, are you afraid of running out of ideas, or of making a sub par album?

M: We will definitely not run out of ideas, since everybody of us (7 Persons) contribute songs or song ideas to the band. This ensures, that we will always keep to  a quite unique musical mix. For example, I am looking forward to Arias song ideas, that will appear on the next album. However, it was hard and stressy  to realize such a release quote. That is why we decided to do no album in 2010. Of course, we will start to work on new material within some months, but this time we want to play more live shows instead of songwriting.

I.M: Is everybody in the band involved in the writing process of the music, or is it a ‘leader’ of the band solo effort?

M: Everybody in the band is involved. Everybody contributes song ideas and everybody contributes ideas to the songs written by the other band members. This is how I understand the word “band”. If we would have a leader in songwriting, there would be much more danger of copying oneself over and over again. Like many bands do...

I.M: In comparison to other Gothic Metal bands, and besides the dual vocalist approach, what do you think makes Coronatus standout from all other bands of the scene?

M: Actually I don't think that we completely “stand out” from all other bands of the scene. This would be somehow arrogant, of course. However, I am convinced that Coronatus offers a very special sound and songs. The reason for this is, that we allow everyone in the band to bring in their own ideas. Of course we often debate and sometimes one has to accept a compromise, if the majority in the band does not want to follow a certain idea. And of  course this results in a mixture. But this mixture by itself  is unique and therefore can be seen as something new and a little bit different from the usual thing.

I.M: Do you guys have any touring planned in support of “Fabula Magna”? maybe a few dates in the USA?

M: We really would like to come to the US. But up to now, we do not even have a professional booking agency. This is something we really want to work on the next weeks and months, since we really want to play much more live shows. We are also looking out for supporting tours with a more popular band of the scene.

I.M: If you had unlimited budget for a stage set-up what would you guys use to transfer the concepts of the band’s music into a live setting?

M: Actually, to work with some real orchestra or complete choirs would be great! On the other hand, this has been done many times already by other bands. So, I would rather try to realize a great show by stage scenes, light, effects, maybe actors...who knows? The visual thing is a very important part. I would like to try to extend our music somehow to this visual approach.

I.M:Anything else that you want to add for your American fans, and fans in general all over the world?

M: Make yourself a drink, take our CD and enjoy our music! Happy Christmas!

I.M:Thanks for the interview and good luck with the album promotion.


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