Interview with Azaghal (Narqath)

In the eve of the release of "Teraphim" we managed to sneak past Narqath, the band's vocalist, a few questions regarding the band, the new album and other things. Here is the transcript for the interview:

Infernal Masquerade: What was the main reason behind the formation of Azaghal?

Narqath: Azaghal was formed in order to satisfy the inner burning, to release the darkness inside upon the masses. Musically we were highly influenced and inspired by the early 90s norweigian black metal scene, and older bands like Mercyful Fate and Venom.

I.M: Why do you write all the lyrics in Finish, will there ever be and songs from the band not in this language (besides covers)?

N: We’ve done a few songs also in English, and might do so in the future again. Our vocalist prefers Finnish, that’s the main reason why we use it as our main language in the lyrics. And in the mid-nineties it was also considerably more original to sing in Finnish, I can’t think of any other bands besides us and Horna that did it back then.

I.M: Constantly evolving Azaghal features a blend of old school Black Metal with some modern elements, why do you think this ‘re-adjustments’ had to be made to the band’s main sound?

N: It’s just natural progression I’d say. These are not things that we think too deeply about, we just create the music and it comes out the way it comes naturally.

I.M: What do you think about the band’s sound evolution since your first full length “Helvetin Yhdeksän Piiriä” and “Teraphim”? Do you think you guys will ever be done with changing and releasing music?

N: Actually “Mustamaa” was our first full-length. But anyway, I think we’ve always had our own recognizable sound event though there are slight variations from album to album.

I.M: What are you guys planning to achieve with Azaghal?

N: Personal satisfaction. We have never cared that much what other people or the scene thinks about us and we’ve always somewhat of an outcasts. And it’s most certainly fine by me.

I.M: In the current Black Metal scene filled with cookie cutter bands and bands with no originality whatsoever, which qualities do you think make Azaghal stand out from the rest?

N: We’ve always kept our own sound since start, yet always evolved from album to album.
I am not really in a position to say what separates us from other bands, I leave that for the listener to decide if we are original or not.

I.M: Since the band formed the Internet and technology has evolved enough to make music more accessible, easier to record and as the downside piracy has flourished, what is your opinion on this? Do you think these things had a positive impact on the scene, or do you think it has tainted the scene?

N: I think it has pretty much ruined the old underground scene, but the past is the past and this is now and we’ll just to have to adjust or perish. I think the whole piracy thing is a two edged sword. Sure it might put some (crappy) labels out of business, but it can also be great promotion for lesser known bands.

I.M: If you guys had unlimited money for a live performance, what props and stage set up would you use? Would you guys go as far as creating something similar to what Gorgoroth did for their “Black Mass Over Krakow” live DVD?

N: Hmm I’ve never thought about this, since I highly doubt we’ll ever have that kind of money that Gorgoroth has heh. But I did enjoy the “Black Mass Over Krakow” show, but I think we’d just probably drink all the money and play a normal show instead haha.


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