Interview with Sons Of Seasons

Infernal Masquerade: Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. So, let’s get started:

Your debut album “Gods of Vermin” is nothing less than amazing. Having formed in 2007 how was the process of writing and recording the album? Knowing the busy schedule of some of the band members was this every a problem in completing the album?

Sons Of Seasons: It was indeed not easy. Main problem was that the budget covered only some of the production costs. Well, in the bigger bands we play in, being a full- time musician, the budget's also there to help you spend time in the studio and pay your bills at home. Especially I had to be there during every step of the production - drum & vocal recordings, mixing & mastering and so on. That time adds up and it is time where I can't make money otherwise. So 2008 was from a financial point of view very tough. But it was worth the effort!

I.M: What is the overall concept behind the album? What are the lyrics about?

Those things which generally interest me are what I write about. I read a lot, especially during tours, instead of sitting around, waiting. Local folklore, philosophy, history, politics and literature are mainly the subjects. So the album doesn't have a concept, linking the songs. But that might be a plan for upcoming CDs.

I.M: Why the name Sons Of Seasons?

I was borne and raised in the Blackwood Forest, South Germany. As a kid I was roaming through nature a lot, sometimes for hours on my own between trees and meadows. Sounds weird, haha, I know! Nowadays I still have a close relationship to nature and the change of seasons influences me and my songwriting greatly. Besides that the name also reflects the many aspects of our music.

I.M: Did you guys expect such a good response from the press? What are your thoughts about this?

I was worried that the journalists wouldn't take the time to listen to the album. 'Gods Of Vermin' is no acoustic fast food and sometimes doesn't sink in right from the start. More than anything else people who listened to the record recently told me: 'Gosh, I really have to listen to it a couple of times. First time I was rather confused!' And I know how many records arrive every month on the desk of magazines and webzines. But luckily the press really took the time. Still, I didn't expect this.

I.M: In your own words what do you think makes this release different from others in similar genres?

Songwriting has, different to playing an instrument, a big part that happens subconsciously. When I started writing for the band beginning of 2007 I was not sure if I would manage to create something new. If Sons Of Seasons would have sounded like any band xy in the genre, I would have put the songs in a drawer and never released it. But I was very careful about taking a turn every time I thought during song writing: 'Ok, that sounds familiar!' But in the end it just came out like this and I think we managed to present our own individual recipe.

I.M: What are the main musical influences behind the album and the band it self?

Daniel Schild, our drummer, is one of the very few guys who really can play a lot of styles authentic. He plays metal, funk and jazz. My background is about the same - I studied jazz and classical music. Henning Basse, vocals, has a lot of experience in classical & musical styles. Jürgen Steinmetz, bass, is a big fan of the eighties. Pepe Pierez, our new guitarist, is originally rock & metal.

I.M: Do you foresee having more band member input in the music writing process for the following album?

I know from other bands that you can't change the cooks and get the same result. We have to be very careful about this. These days I listen already to some ideas of Pepe Pierez. But, besides that, giving my ideas to the others, who transform it, is already participating in the process of songwriting.

I.M: I see that the band has several live dates booked already, is Simone Simons joining you on-stage? Is it hard to schedule live dates when some of the members belong to other bands with other commitments?

Simone will join us on stage here and there. But, of course, she's very busy herself. In the upcoming years we have to plan around the schedules of every band member, yes. Especially since no member earns a dime with Sons Of Seasons for years to come.

I.M: Any future plans of touring the US in support of “Gods Of Vermin”?

I can't wait to come to the US. I toured the US about 5- 6 times now, and finally I will bring my own band over. I love the way the american audience approaches new stuff: Very open- minded and in general friendly. This is sometimes way different over here. But all depends on the sales, unfortunately. And I am aware that 'Gods Of Vermin' is released in very unstable times, regarding the financial crisis and the internet.

I.M: If you had an unlimited budget for props and stage materials, what would your guy use for creating ambiance, and why?

I have a lot of ideas for that. Even if I want to keep the main show about a metal band performing, I would love to create a feast for the eyes around the songs. 'Gods Of Vermin' has so many atmospheric parts and a good light engineer had countless possibilities there! Right now the only thing I don't want to save money on is our FOH engineer, the main guy responsible for sound. But next thing is to work out a great light show. Then everything else.

I.M: What do you guys think about Guitar Hero and Rock Band video games? Do you think they are ‘accurate’ at representing how a real instrument is played?

No, haha. They are games. What has tapping on three buttons to do with playing an instrument? I don't want to sound dismissive - I play video games myself, not those music games, though - but for a real instrument you need years of practice and lessons. Still, if those games just bring one kid to playing a real instrument I am fine.

I.M: Thanks for the interview, are there any other things you guys want to add for our readers?

Sons Of Seasons is so far a fantastic experience for every band member. I was hesitant for years to start my own band. Now I am more than grateful what is happening at the moment. Maybe I should let people know that we really read any feedback on our forum. So, check the CD out and let us know what you think!


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