Interview with Disbelief - Karsten "Jagger” (vocals)


Thanks for taking time to answer our questions, and let’s get started. The band has been around for 20 years, can you tell us what you consider are the major highlights of the band during these 20 years?

Jagger: Twenty years are long, so many good things will happen in this time, we've met so many great people and share the stages with such great bands like: Bolt Thrower, Anthrax, Slayer, Overkill, Voi Vod, Sepultura, Soulfly, Crowbar, Death Angel,  Six Feet Under, Hypocrisy. All of those shows were fantastic and especially our show at the legendary Dynamo Festival in '98 in Netherlands was a great moment of time. All of our recordings in the several studios we've recorded were very special because of the fact that we always have born a new baby.

Most bands change their sound drastically over the years, but Disbelief has been slowly evolving and perfecting the band’s sound. How do you consider the band has evolved, and why do you think this has happened?

Jagger: On both of our first releases we've tried out many things to find our individual sound and after that chapter we've released Worst Enemy. With that release we've found our own way to introduce ourselves at the best. Since than we're always trying out to perfecting this sound, and the spectrum of Disbelief. The journey goes on all the time and next time we'll begin the songwriting for our next official release, the next challenge and chance to make it better. 

“Heal!” is the band’s latest album, can you tell us more about the concept and ideas behind this release?

Jagger: Heal! Is a present for our truest fans after twenty years of Disbelief. It was a really pleasure to work for this album, because we want to do that, it was our decision! It's sometimes a big charge adverse to our fans when we write new songs and to hold of the band, so we're very happy with the result of HEAL! And to celebrate our anniversary. The title HEAL! is a homage to our fans and especially some of them who used our  music to handle out difficult and despaired times in their life's. When our music helps to endure that, that's unpayable!

While most Death Metal bands decide to focus on ‘blood and guts’ on their lyrics, Disbelief has ‘deeper’ ideas behind their lyrics. Why did you guys decided to give this focus your songs?

Jagger: Hell is here on our planet, so I don't have to work with the fantasy of splatter. There are so many things happen on this planet that destroys the ethic thinking of life. Every imagination that you can draw in your head is possible and real, injustice is ruling the world. Those are my inspirations when I write down the lyrics of Disbelief. The lyrics are always the last thing that will happen in our songwriting process because of the fact that I need the whole song for my total inspiration for the lyrics, in which way of mood the several songs are drifting. Most of the time, I get the first inspirations when we're playing the first rehearsals in our practice room. The process when the songs are growing, when I breathe the songs inside of me and get my course of the lyrics is very exciting and sometimes a very hard fucking nut. 

Having 4 covers and a re-make song in “Heal!”, there is only new music in 4 songs. Do you have any songs left for the next release?, why did you guys released this as a full-length when it feels more like an EP?

Jagger: HEAL! was all the time a project and a new experience for us because of the fact that we've recorded and produced this album by ourselves for the first time. A present for our truest fans and the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Disbelief, that's the reason behind HEAL! There are no songs left; there was no time for more songs. During the recording process we've wished to have more time because we've found more interesting bands and songs that we want to try out for that album, shitty time! We need a hologram for our recordings, where time does not exist, yeah!


There are only a handful of dates this summer in support of “Heal!”, are there  anymore dates in the works? Maybe some North American shows?

Jagger: In autumn and winter we'll be touring in Europe. At the moment we're talking about a European  tour with Malevolent Creation and we're working out a headliner tour in Germany. Touring in the U.S.A. is for Disbelief near impossible, we've no label and distribution there, from that point it's senseless to do that. On the other hand we're always looking for a partner in the U.S.A. who can help us. The response from your country is very good on our myspace site, so we're very interested that all is changing in the future and we get the chance to play live by live in your country.   

Where do you see Disbelief heading in the next few years? What other things do you want to accomplish with the band in the future?

Jagger: The main point is to play live and to tour in a constant way in those countries where we we've the most success. Reach out for new territories where we've the chance to release and distribute our albums. When we'll satisfying our truest fans with our next releases and get better chances to play live I'm sure that we'll growing as a band and instance. There are many countries we've never played live, many good stories we've heard about them, the several scenes and freaking out people all over the world.   

Having been in the music business for so many years, how do you feel that technology has changed music over the years? (both from the piracy downside, to the current recording technologies)

Jagger: At the moment we've the chance to record our own stuff in a very professional way, that's cool! This is a very comfortable situation and a perfect tool that helps us a lot when we write new songs. It makes our songs better and we feel very free about the possibilities that we've by now. For the piracy downside we've our record company, they're working with a partner for the internet who works like Big Brother for them when there is illegal downloading, they're there!  

If you had unlimited budget for a live performance stage set-up, what would you use to immerse the fans in your music and why?

Jagger: I'm a nature freak and so it's a dream of me that our set-up is like a wild jungle with real plants, a scene like in the movie Predator, which would be impressive! For that we need than one truck only for the plants and another truck for some rocks and trees and stuff and a gardener for that who keeps all alive and fresh for months, that's very important! 

Anything else you want to add for your fans and our readers?

Jagger: Thanks a lot for your support and the chance to reach out for the interested Infernal Masquerade readers and those metal heads who knows us. Check out our homepage or myspace-site where you can get informed what's happen with Disbelief, all the best to you!

Jagger and Disbelief

Thanks for the time and good luck promoting the album.

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