Lacrimosa live June 25th 2008 St.Petersburg, Russia – Port Club

I was visiting St. Petersburg, Russia on my way to Helsinki, Finland for Tuska 2008, and it was a great coincidence that Lacrimosa was playing live on the days I was there. So I could not let the opportunity of attending a show in Russia go away!!!

The tickets to the event were 1300 rubles which came out to be 52 dollars around that time. I thought it was expensive for only 1 band, but then again I was there and I might not get this opportunity again. Let me tell you I’ve seen shows of different bands in many different places in the world and this one was a unique experience.

As Promised

Here you can find old editions of Infernal Masquerade ready for printing.

I only found Issues 4,5,6,7 since It's been since 1999/2000 that they were released I'm still digging into my backups from that time.

Issue 4 (cover / content)

HURTLOCKER post three new songs!

HURTLOCKER vocalist Grant Belcher recently checked in with this exclusive update: "We have just finished recording three songs intended to be demoed for Napalm. As you know, we have done two albums for them and are under option for two more. We are really looking for things to pick up this time around, and we think we have put some things in place to see that happen. First off, the new songs. 'Antichrist Conceived,' 'So Fell Lord Perth,' and 'Suffer the Wreck' - these songs are still HURTLOCKER but a bit of a departure from the old ways. I think being this is the first album where the lineup is the same as the last, that we have grown and matured in the songwriting process. You'll hear that on 'Lord Perth.' We are just writing better and functioning better as a group. Either way, we are proud of these three and are looking forward to the whole album. We are in writing mode right now and are working hard on new songs daily."




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