TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM : Album details revealed

The title, artwork and full tracklisting of TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM's forthcoming third album are finally disclosed. On "L'Eterno Maligno Silenzio", enigmatic Italian Illuminates daub their black rites across a richer, more expansive canvas than hitherto. Supplemented by the ordination of new vocalist Ildanach, the high priests of sombre psalms merge the darkest shades from the colour spectrum into a frenetic fusion teeming with mystical magnificence and dissonant grandeur. Tracklisting is as follows:

NAZXUL confirmed for 2010 Maryland Death Fest - first American performance EVER

Legendary Australian black metal band NAZXUL have been confirmed for the 2010 installment of the Maryland Death Fest. This will be the band's first performance ever on North American soil, and it will be in support of newest album Iconoclast, the band's first full-length since 1995's classic Totem debut.

Drawn And Quartered – Assault Of Evil (2009)


Drawn And Quartered for those of you who don’t know are a Death Metal band from the USA that focus on playing traditional Death Metal and they do a very good job at it.

“Assault Of Evil” was recorded during the 2008 tour of the USA, the main show on the DVD was filmed in Settle and Tacoma, WA. The best part of this DVD is that it features over 24 extra ‘bootleg’ tracks from other 4 different shows, as well as 3 of the band’s music videos.

Lethian Dreams – Bleak Silver Streams (2009)


I have always been an extreme fan of Death/Doom Metal bands and all of the variants of the genre, so I’m usually very harsh when reviewing newer bands. So this being said “Bleak Silver Streams” is a brilliant album that I will start to praise greatly in the next few paragraphs.

This French band features members of several other brilliant Doom Metal bands like Remembrance and Before The Rain. Having only released two brilliant albums this band shows great promise to keep releasing amazing albums.


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