Hypocrisy – A Taste Of Extreme Divinity (2009)


Hypocrisy is back for years after their last studio album “Virus” and it was worth the wait. “A Taste Of Extreme Divinity” in my opinion and also in Peter Tagtgren’s opinion (check out our interview with him HERE) is the band’s most brutal album to date.

The band has managed to keep their own signature style when it comes to guitar riffs and vocals and with this album they managed to take the BPM’s up a notch creating a monstrous release that will make your ears bleed.

Interview with Belphegor (Helmut)

"Walpurgis Rites - Hexenwahn" has just been released worldwide and we had a few minutes to ask questions to Belphegor's Helmut. He talks about the ideas behind the new album, their latest video among many other interesting things.

Infernal Masquerade: Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, and let’s get started:

Yeah, WALPURGIS RITES - HEXENWAHN is released, worldwide and we are goddamn ready to rumble.

Interview with Azaghal (Narqath)

In the eve of the release of "Teraphim" we managed to sneak past Narqath, the band's vocalist, a few questions regarding the band, the new album and other things. Here is the transcript for the interview:

Infernal Masquerade: What was the main reason behind the formation of Azaghal?



2009 marked the first year in the history of Nuclear Blast USA that all albums released in the same month landed on a Billboard chart.

The following four albums, all released in September, debuted on the Billboard Heakseekers Chart, which ranks the best-selling albums by new artists who have never appeared on the Top 100 of the Billboard 200:

o   SONATA ARCTICA, The Days Of Grays (released September 22nd): #19

o   THREAT SIGNAL, Vigilance (released September 8th): #32

o   VADER, Necropolis (released September 22nd): #36


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