Sanctification – Black Reign (2009)


Featuring a very strong lineup and some brutal guest appearances, the Swedes of Sanctification deliver us their 2nd full-length after a 6 year gap. The album was recorded with Kristoffer Hell on main vocals, but apparently has left the band so far. As for the guest appearances we have Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Pain) and Masse Broberg (Dark Funeral) on vocals in a few tracks, and the drums where played by Nils Fjellström also from Dark Funeral.

After reading all the name dropping you must be thinking this album will be totally amazing, and it is to some extent. If you like Death Metal and like most of your albums to sound alike, then “Black Reign” will be the best release you can find this year, since it’s brutal, well produced and excellently executed. However, if you like something a little fresher or a bit different, then this album will not please you, since the band sticks to the ‘traditional’ DM formula and never let’s go.

Pestilential Shadows – In Memoriam, III Omen (2009)


We get a ton of cookie cutter Black Metal bands and their ‘cult’ sounding albums, and this makes for a very tedious job of listening to their albums and producing an objective opinion on them, however there are days when we get lucky and bump into an actual release that represents the earlier days of BM with a bit of a different edge to it. Today we found “In Memoriam, III Omen”, and after doing some research of the band we figured out that the quality of this album made sense since it features several members of the great Nazxul.

Interview with Merrimack

Based on the recent release of their latest album "Grey Rigorism" and their winter tour with Marduk and others, we geared up to interview these French Black Metal warriors and talked about their new album, the concept behind "Grey Rigorism" and social networks among other things. Keep reading for the transcript of this interview with Terrorizt.

Interview with Ethereal Collapse (Ryan, guitarist and vocalist, and Dave, guitarist and vocalist)

After being blown away by their self-released first full length album, we decided to get in touch with the band and ask them a few questions about the band, their label hunt and future releases. We are hoping this band gets picked up by a label soon since they are one of the best melodic death metal bands we have heard from the USA. Here is what the band had to say about our questions:

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions and let’s get started:

MARIONETTE To Support BLESS THE FALL In Europe, Post Two New Songs Online

Gothenburg Sweden based metal sextet MARIONETTE has posted the songs “HateLust” and “Your Hands” on the band’s Official Myspace Page.  The songs can also be heard on the widget below.  “HateLust” and “Your Hands” are taken from “Enemies” - the sophomore release from MARIONETTE - recently released in Europe via Listenable Re

Black Skies – Hexagon (2009)


Black Skies is a 3 man band that hails from North Carolina, USA. The band’s musical style is Sludge Metal, and they do a pretty kick ass job at playing the genre.

Having formed only 3 years ago, the band’s sound is pretty well defined and the band has been gaining momentum since playing at SXSW in Austin, TX.

Power Pellut – Power Pellut (2009)


After years of getting either digital or pressed promos I got a few CD-R’s lately and I was pretty ‘scared’ about playing, since I remember few years ago, when I got a CD-R it was because the band’s usually sucked. However this month I have been impressed by all CD-R’s received, and since this album came from I’m Better Than Everyone Records, that releases only vinyl by the way, and I had just reviewed “Hexagon” by Black Skies, I was willing to give it a real chance.


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