Wømb - Here, The World Falls… (2020)


As one of the few stragglers from 2020, today we have Portugal’s Wømb and their massively dissonant demo “Here, The World Falls…”. Featuring a completely crushing and cavernous sound, this demo release showcases four tracks filled with intensity and brutality. While the band has never released a full-length album, they probably should due to the sheer level of chaos unleashed by this release

Opening with the vicious “Abraxas in Ecstasy”, we get a blistering onslaught of crafty drums and buzz-saw like guitars. The vocals are as visceral as you can imagine, drawing comparisons to Vanum and Fell Voices. However, the best feature of this release has to be the superb lo-fi sound, making songs like “ Great Mother of Destruction, Time and Death” be just ravaging and vicious.

Accept - Too Mean to Die (2021)


Starting 2021 strong, today we have the legendary Accept and their latest opus “Too Mean to Die”. Delivering over 50 minutes of high-octane Heavy Metal, this outfit keeps the momentum going on their ‘revival’ with hard hitting and superbly catchy songs. If you are a fan of Heavy Metal, this release won’t disappoint.

The band’s new signature vocalist, Mark Tornillo, quickly leads tracks like “Zombie Apocalypse”, “Too Mean to Die”, and “Overnight Sensation” with his soaring vocals and playful style. Perfectly paired with Wolf Hoffmann’s incisive guitars, this release sets a very furious and catchy pace right off the gate. The band thrives by unleashing superbly engaging tracks that are both melodic and epic, such as the killer “No Ones Master” and its blistering twin guitar onslaughts.

Top Atmospheric / Experimental / Post Black Metal albums of 2020

Black Metal has evolved in very interesting ways adding highly atmospheric and experimental features to its raw roots. In this list, we aim to highlight the best releases that continue to expand the genre’s horizons and create unique atmospheric/emotional experiences for listeners.

10. Aethyrick - Gnosis (2020)

Top out of the box / otherworldly releases of 2020

After writing about music for over 15 years, releases rarely surprise us with their take on Metal music. However, every year there are a handful of albums/bands that are just ahead of their time or just bored with the status quo. This year’s selection includes some very weird and cool stuff as well as otherworldly albums that transport the listener with their unique craftiness.

Top Melodic Death Metal releases of 2020

As one of our favorite genres, Melodic Death Metal had some killer releases in 2020. This list represents some of the best ones we thoroughly enjoyed. Not that you might see some obvious ones missing, and this is due to them being on our main best albums of the year list. However, all these bands deserve recognition for their amazing releases.

Honorable Mention Hinayana - Death Of The Cosmic (2020)

Top Death/Technical Death Metal releases of 2020

This year we are combining both Death and Technical Death Metal into this list. Since we reviewed over 200 releases this year, and really enjoyed many of them, we will have separate lists for Progressive/Melodic Death Metal and Blackened Death Metal lists just in case you don’t see any releases in this category.

5. Cult of Lilith - Mara (2020)

Top albums that we didn’t review in 2020

As the year comes to a close, we are writing up a list of the albums we played and enjoyed the most that we purchased with our own money. These releases are worth mentioning on our site, but due to their label/PR companies not submitting them to use, we didn’t review them. With over 700 submissions in 2020, we focus on reviewing mostly (99.9%) albums we receive from our media partners.


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