SKYFIRE's "Esoteric" ready for mixing and a digital-only EP release

Swedish progressive death metallers SKYFIRE have wrapped up the recordings for the follow-up to 2004’s "Spectral," entitled "Esoteric." The album’s music was self-produced at Powernest Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden, while vocals were produced by THE FORSAKEN guitarist Patrik Persson. "Esoteric" is set to be mixed by Jonas Kjellgren (SCAR SYMMETRY, SONIC SYNDICATE, ZONARIA, THE ABSENCE) at Abyss Studios. The album will be released this fall via Pivotal Rockordings.

Additionally, SKYFIRE and Pivotal Rockordings have teamed up to release a digital-only EP this summer featuring tracks that written after “Spectral” that were never released and will not appear on “Esoteric.” More details will be announced shortly.

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