California technical death/grind four-piece EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT formed in early 2003 from the ashes of Ye Old Skabbard with founding members Lauren Pike (guitar/vocals) and Luke Boutiette (drums). After eight months of writing they agreed to recruit Ciribus members Johnny Helvete (vocals) and Austin Spence (bass). In November/December 2003 they entered Trident Studios and recorded the brutally acclaimed five-song EP Beheaded By Volition. Recorded/engineered by then Vile vocalist Juan Urteaga, the EP helped the band secure a deal with Spain-based label Grotesque Music. Beheaded By Volition received immediate media attention in worldwide publications and was followed by three west coast tours and various festival appearances including The Northwest Death Fest, Gathering Of The Sick Fest and the L.A. Murder Fest.
By February 2005, the band parted ways with Helvete and had Spence take on an additional role as vocalist. The new lineup proved more volatile than ever before and EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT continued to brutalize the masses with their vicious display of auditory violence. The band completed their debut full-length, Fear of Reality Exceeds Fantasy, in 2007. Recorded/engineered by Decrepit Birth guitarist/vocalist Matt Sotelo and mastered by Vile guitarist Colin Davis, the 10-song offering was quickly signed and released in February of 2008 via Deepsend Records. EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT received further praise by such esteemed metal publications as Terrorizer, Metal Maniacs, Metal Hammer and Pit.  "Eschewing, though appreciating, the arpeggio swept and technically mind boggled style of an Origin or a Decrepit Birth, the approach taken is largely riff based  and organic, though still angular and calamitous. Initial spins can overwhelm because of the punishing sounds," said Metal Maniacs. "EMBRYONIC's high energy musical assault is interspersed with eclectic, progressive-style interludes. Austin Spence barks out an intensely gruesome vocal style that fits well within these heinous sounding musical earscapes," added Pit.
The release also received major in store distribution. Suddenly the CD was readily available in high profile stores like Rasputin, Amoeba and Best Buy as well as hundreds of others including online digital outlets. Fear of Reality Exceeds Fantasy sold out twice and continues to possess new listeners with its unyielding and multifaceted brutality.
The band decided to add an additional guitar player (Adam Weber) to the fold before embarking on a 24-day US tour with Insidious Decrepancy and another 23 days around the US with Lecherous Nocturne earlier this year. The tours and video for "Human Harvest" were a huge success and helped the band create a deeply carved niche within the underground metal scene. View the video here:
EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT is currently in the final stages of  their next album titled Vivid Enterpretations Of The Void and are prepared to book a much longer, region expanding tour in 2010. The members of EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT want to take their band to the top of the heap and will not stop until they are satisfied.
California residents, pay heed. The band will be pillaging their way through the following cities:

8/23/2009 The Fire Escape - Auburn, CA (All Ages!)
9/06/2009 The Gilman - Berkeley, CA
9/25/2009 The Sacramento Bike Kitchen - Sacramento, CA
Check out the songs "Fear Of Reality," "Beheaded By Volition," "Woulded And Keelhauled" and "Mutiny" on the band's official MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/embryonicdevourment


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