TARDY BROTHERS Release Bloodline

Since forming Xecutioner, later renamed Obituary, in 1984 brothers John and Donald Tardy have unquestionably become a household names for metal fans. Each have earned the respect of their peers: John for his distinct and unrivaled guttural voice and Donald for his supreme drum abilities. With Bloodline, the duo expand their musical playcard showcasing not only a new artistic outlet but also extending opportunity for them to take their global fanbase on an exciting new journey. Bloodline features guitar work by Ralph Santolla (Obituary/Death/Deicide) and original Xecutioner guitarist Jerry Tidwell and solo work from 19-year-old John Lee and long time friend Scott Johnson.

Obituary -- featuring core brothers John and Donald Tardy with guitarist Trevor Peres -- are considered one of death metal's most successful and respected bands. Releasing the majority of their material for Roadracer, a now defunct division of Roadrunner, the band signed to London-based Candlelight Records in May of 2007. Xecutioner’s Return was released late August 2007 and would find support around the globe. “The distorted sludge and swampy groove that made Obituary one of the most distinctive of death metal's first wave are well and truly intact,” said Kerrang! "Xecutioner's Return totally smokes everything they've done since 1992's The End Complete," confirmed Decibel. Obituary delivered the special/limited Left To Die EP in mid-September
2008. Featuring two brand new songs, a re-recording of the band's classic "Slowly We Rot," plus the legendary thrash band's remake of Celtic Frost's "Dethroned Emperor," the EP also contains the Headbangers Ball video favorite "Evil Ways."

Said John Tardy of the project: "This is something Donald and I have talked about and planned for many years and we just never had the time to do it. With the addition of our new studio, it has finally given us the abilitity to get this music recorded. It is not going to affect anything that Obituary is doing nor is it supposed to sound like Obituary." Bloodline is the first of several planned releases for the duo. Inviting some of their many musician friends, the pair hope to explore ranges outside the norm of their regular recording commitments and avenues (fact: Donald stepping out from behind the kit to tackle many of the rhythm guitar duties on Bloodline). Tardy Brothers are planning some live performances while continuing work on the new Obituary album planned for release later this year.


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