Sick’s Agony – Towards My Places (2013)


Today we have one man band Sick’s Agony from Italy, and ‘their’ debut full-length release “Towards My Places”. Playing a very mournful flavor of Death/Doom Metal, this outfit delivers nearly one hour of highly melancholic music that draws similarities to bands like Forest of Shadows and Inborn Suffering.

Opening with the slowly demoralizing “Obsessive Paranoia”, we are treated to very traditional slowly paced Doom riffs with sparse growls, just like the doctor ordered. Not moving away much from the initial tempo of this album, the 15-minute piece “The End of Dreams” continues down a path of despair with excellent guitar arrangements and the addition of clean vocals into the mix. This first ‘half’ of the release shows in two songs that Sick’s Agony pays tribute to old-school Death/Doom bands while managing to add their own brand into the mix.

Things become more versatile with the gut-wrenching “A Deep Anxiety”, and its interesting addition of some Post-Rock elements into the highly atmospheric mix. As a complete tribute to bands like Rapture and October Tide, the weeping guitars of “A Journey through the Past” make for one of the best releases in this album. Always in motion, “Towards My Places” feels a bit more adventurous and modern sounding while it keeps the same level of melancholy that we love from this band.

With the atmospheric piece “Eternal Wandering in the Cosmic Void”, Suffer brings this release to an end after a very solid journey through sadness and darkness. Sick’s Agony’s ability to craft truly melancholic and depressive atmospheres is by far the biggest thing that the band has going for them. “Towards My Places” delivers a solid 60 minutes of nostalgic music for fans of the good old days of Death/Doom Metal, so be sure you not miss out on this opportunity.

Band: Sick’s Agony Album: Towards My Places

Label: Selfmutilation Services

Release: November 13th, 2013

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Death/Doom Metal

Country: Italy

Rating: 86/100

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