Interview With Dodsferd

Dodsferd music speaks for it self, playing great Not-Black Metal (according to Wrath... keep reading), Wrath's answers to this interview where eloquent as always. Here is what he had to say about our questions:

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. So, let’s get started:

Infernal Masquerdade: Just for the record, can you give us a little background about Dodsferd’s releases and history?

Wrath: Dodsferd exists since 2001! I have released a couple of demos and albums since then!

I.M: Your new album “Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow” is out on Moribund. How did you end up working with the Moribund Records? How is the promotion going for the album?

Wrath: Moribund was the only appropriate label for Dodsferd! They support and respect my work! They respect Wrath, generally! Eternal hails to Odin!!! Black devotion to the cult!

I.M: “Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow” features 2 of the longest songs you have ever released. Why have your songs gotten longer over time?

Wrath: Expect longer songs in the future! I don’t follow any kind of trends! My music and my philosophy is not for every kind of shit who thinks he knows everything about black metal and reviews things he has no fucking clue! Fucking retards! I do whatever I want! That was how I felt! My music is not for the masses!

I.M: Since “Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow” is not a part of your previous trilogy. Is it the beginning of a new series of albums? (if you can please talk more about the album)

Wrath: That’s right! It’s about the birth of Dodsferd!

I.M: Your music is influenced by hatred and misanthropy. Are these things a reflection of Wrath as a person? Or is this a persona created for musical purposes?

Wrath: No one will ever know!!

I.M: Tell us more about the process of writing songs. Does it usually take you a long time to write a 10-15 minute epic?

Wrath: Just 15 minutes!

I.M: Dodsfed seems to be very productive by having released 5 full length albums in the past three years, and you are involved with several other bands. What is on the horizon, musically, for Wrath? (Any other releases coming up from either Dodsferd or other bands)

Wrath: In the beginning of June Moribund will release a Dodsferd 7” Ep, that goes by the name “Another two of Your scars and the world is dead”! Two new songs! After that I will start working on my new album!

I.M: Unlike many one-man bands, you actually do some live dates. What is the reason behind this?

Wrath: The only reason is to satisfy myself!

I.M: Of all genres of metal to make music for, why did you pick black metal?

Wrath: I don’t play Black Metal! Dodsferd does not belong to any kind of scene!

I.M: Dodsferd does not have any official presence on the internet, what is the reason behind this? Is there anything in the works for the future?

Wrath: Never!

I.M: Any US tour on the works for Dodsferd?

Wrath: I am in contact with Odin for something like that! Soon!

I.M: What current bands are influencing your music?

Wrath: Sons of Otis, Iron Monkey, Ufomammut, Acid King…Judas Iscariot!

I.M: Any other thoughts that you want to communicate to our readers?

Wrath: “Another two of Your scars and the world is dead”!

I.M: Thanks for the interview and good luck with the new album.

With Respect

Wrath from dodsferd!


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