Dark Bombastic Evening 2018

Dark Bombastic Evening 2018

Having been on our list every summer, we finally venture to Romania to catch this unique festival. With an amazing line-up each year, we can't pass on it anymore. In 2018 we have bands like Ellende, Heilung, Mork, etc. gracing the stage, so you better start packing and head over to Alba Iulia, Romania.


DBE is an atypical platform that supports the Underground Spirit, quality and diverse artistic expression, freedom of opinion, common sense, decency, openness to novelty and lack of standardization in all and everything.

...it was created from the sincere desire of offering friendship, but also of building a well structured underground movement, on vertical and real landmarks. Everything started out of admiration towards talented artists who wish to share in the most honest way their visions with a public exploring new, innovative, original elements. DBE respects the classic but resonates with forefront, experimental and atypical vectors...

...is addressed to beautiful souls from all around who unconditionally come to an annual event that aims to keep untouched their belief and faith in normality, simplicity and honesty. In 3 days, new and old friends are willing to escape daily life, to spend an atypical weekend in beautiful company but, last but not least, to support an identity that, year by year, seems to get a well defined shape...

...the feeling of belonging to the DBE platform would be nice to represent, after all, a new, unconditional, free attitude, that might bring you to the fulfillment of each supporters? dream: artists, public, organizers, partners, mass media.

Festival pass (presale) until August, the 9th: 300 lei
Festival pass (final price) from August, the 10th: 333 lei



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