• Northern Kings - Reborn (2008)

    The second album from this all-star Finnish band brings us 12 more cover songs from a very “unique” group of songs. The band’s adaptation of the songs is very nice in most cases, but some of them do not have a good sound. However, all instruments blend well together and are very well combined (if you ignore the fact that the songs are covers). The combination of 4 different vocalists make them have a very dynamic arsenal of vocal styles and quality, the 2 most notable voices are Marco Hielata and Tony Kako’s since their style sets them apart from the other 2 singers (Jarkko Ahola and Juha-Pekka Leppäluoto).

    While this album is a good metal cover’s album, it takes a while to adapt to, and sometimes you even need to go and see what song they are actually covering since you can’t distinguish them easily.


  • Within Temptation - Black Symphony (2008)

    This in my opinion was the live DVD of the year (2008), it was recorded at a concert at Rotterdam's Ahoy Arena sold out months in advance. The band performed for 10,000 or so fans with the full Metropole Orchestra a classical choir, and with Sharon changing into several costumes.

    I have previously watched the older Within Temptation live dvd’s and they don’t hold a candle to this one, production or content wise. The set list was as follows:


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