Kaos – The Pits Of Existence (2010)


With the Spotlight shining on the Bay Area Trash Metal scene once more we have legendary bands releasing their finest releases to date like Exodus and Heathen. We also have other bands resurrecting like Forbidden, all this activity has made other bands like Kaos want to make another push to establish themselves as major players of the scene.

Kaos has been around since the late 80’s releasing demo after demo until their first album saw the light of day in 2000 with “Vision Beyond”. After that the band signed to Relentless Records in order to release “Kaos Among Us”. Fast-forward to 2010 and we get the band’s latest offering with “The Pits Of Existence”, an album that clearly captures the old-school feeling and it’s marked to push Kaos into the spot light.

Having the experience of many live shows, several demo’s and albums, the band has finally managed to solidify their sound and create one of the best Trash albums we have reviewed in 2010. If Exodus and Forbidden do not deliver with their albums coming out later this year, we will have a winner for the best Trash album of 2010 with “The Pits Of Existence”.

The band’s music is not very complicated or anything, is more of an in your face Trash Metal assault that no band from any other part of the USA or the world would be able to conceive not having lived in the Bay Are when all the movement started. Kaos was there and they are ready to prove their meddle against the big boys and every body else in the scene. With the traditional shred guitar riffs the band is proves that they can sound both timeless and not re-hashed, a problem that most modern bands encounter when they are trying to jump into the Trash Metal influenced wagon.

“The Pits Of Existence” features a wide variety of songs that cover every thing from in your face tracks like “Bleed Some More” and slower (but not slow) tracks like “Sludge”. All this shows how versatile Kaos has become over the years, and proves that they are not a one trick dog. In the vocal department, Jason Darnell dos a great job in delivering harsh screams to complement the aural assaults created by the underlying music.

On a final note, we definetly recommend you get “The Pits Of Existence” since it will surely be one of the top 10 Trash Metal releases of 2010. The band has finally managed to release a great album, paired with the perfect timing of the Trash resurrection of the last few yeas, there is no saying how far this band will go.

Band: Kaos Album: The Pits Of Existence
Label: Unsigned

Release: February 15th, 2010

Official Site myspace
Genre: Trash/Speed Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 88/100

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