Metal over Oostrozebeke Presents – Perseverance 2013 (2013)


Arriving via Malevolence Records, today we have a very diverse sampler that contains everything from Thrash Metal to Melodic Death/Black Metal and related genres. Featuring eight different bands, this release makes for a very interesting time, with very contrasting changes between bands and some excellent tracks mixed in between some sub-par ones.

Opening we have Mad At Sam, a Thrash/Crossover band that can easily go unnoticed with their track being less than two minutes long. The drastic contrast is immediately felt with Aegror and their very enjoyable Melodic Death/Black Metal that fusing influences from Carcass, Grave, and several other bands into a very cohesive and engaging sound. “Behind Walls” and “Prophecy” are taking from their 2013 EP, a release we will be trying to find as soon as we are done writing this review.

With Thrash Metal being the specialty of the day for Malevolence Records, we finally find our first good dosage of Thrash with Sanity’s Rage and their two excellent tracks: “Once You Cross” and “Taste of Decay”. This Belgian band delivers intense riff-drive Thrash Metal with a certain Edge/Dark Angel/Testament edge that is quite enjoyable and well executed. More Thrash/Crossover is on our way with T.C.F, a track that lacks recording quality and sounds very dismal when compared to the previous and following songs.

Leave Scars comes at us with another solid dosage of Thrash Metal with a an old-school vibe reminding us of  Death Angel. The two tracks presented here feature solid riffing and very fitting vocals, all wrapped up nicely with tight drumming. Saving the best for last (almost) we have Ulysses Siren and their latest single: “Justifiable Homicide”. Keeping their furious riffing power intact, the band does a very good job in keeping it real with their on-your-face Thrash Metal.

The best track in this sampler comes from the label’s strongest artist: Kaos. With a relentless Thrash Metal that mixes the old-school grit with a modern sound, “Blood Red Eyes” is by far the catchiest and best executed track in the whole release. Closing the release we have X-Tinxion with a very powerful Female vocalist that at times sounds like Schmier from Destruction fame. The mixed in growls and melodic nature of the track make it different than previous songs, and a very worthy closer for such a diverse release.

In general, this sampler has plenty of solid moments with very good bands like Kaos, Aegror, Ulysses Siren, and X-Tinxion. The crossover bands really have no business being here, and they greatly contrast the flow of this release. If you can pick up a copy of this sampler, do so, since it has a lot of classical sounding Thrash Metal with a few weird (and good) diverse tracks here and there.

Band: Sampler Album: Perseverance 2013

Label: Malevolence Records

Release: 2013

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 85/100

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