Ulysses Siren – Above the Ashes (2003)


With Thrash Metal being born back in the 80’s in the Bay Area, it is not surprising that many bands just didn’t get enough attention when they should have. Ulysses Siren is the perfect example of how a very high-quality band didn’t get a fair shake and ended up in relative obscurity. Being at least 5 times better than Dark Angel, Testament, Metallica, etc., this band delivers seven riff-driven tracks that represent the band’s early demos. With “Above the Ashes” we have a testament of a band that could have been something else if the right things would have worked out for them.

Opening with “Terrorist Attack” we immediately feel the Bay Area Thrash vibe with the intense riffing and the crushing vocals. The band’s spares nothing and delivers a brutal riffing assault that only a few bands those days would have pulled off. Showing no mercy, “The Reich” keeps the intensity levels super high with some epic melodic passages and devastating solos. Rounding up their 1985 demo “Terrorist Attack”, featured in the first 3 songs of the album, “Lake of Fire” is the best track in this release, with a heavy Death Angel vibe mixed with some classic Kreator.

The instrumental “Leviathan” opens up their 1987 demo, with a certain different pace, but an equally catchy and powerful Thrash vibe. On “Above the Ashes” we can see how the band refined their sound and it is now more cohesive and direct. The riffing is as intense as before, but the guitars sound cleaner and the vocals are more potent. With “The Resurrection” rolling in, we can appreciate some very crafty drumming and killer dual guitar attacks. The band’s sound is timeless and if you didn’t know that this release is from the 80’s, you would never know it.

As a whole, “Above the Ashes” showcases all the talents and killer songs crated by Ulysses Siren. Since the band didn’t get a real shot back in the 80’s, it is cool to see that they are reunited and ready to attempt a new comeback with the current wave of Thrash Metal revival we have been facing the last few years. We can only hope the band can still pull off this killer sound and sheer riffing power, and we hope to hear new material from them soon, until then, keep listening to this solid compilation release.

Band: Ulysses Siren Album: Above the Ashes

Label: Relentless Records / Scrap Metal Records

Release: 2003

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Thrash/Speed Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 89/100

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