Sagntid – The Undisciplined Heart of Sagntid (2012)


Delivering another dosage of creepy atmospheric brilliance, today we have Sagntid and their latest release “The Undisciplined Heart of Sagntid”. Keeping the very eerie vibe always present, this one man band delivers the goods once more in a 10-track release that will keep you at the edge of your seat when played at night and in the dark.

Warming up with “Fierce Pride” the mood is very martial and with the addition of sporadic vocals the listener will be immediately immerse into Sagntid’s world. The longest track in this release is the complex “All Contact Ceased”, a very emotional and quite relaxing track that is very hypnotic in nature.

Songs of note include the funky “Bearers Disappear”, featuring some interesting atmospheric elements that at times remind us of very distorted Kung-fu flick sounds (use your imagination for this one… trust us). One of our favorites is “My Fellow Riders Suck”, a track that has a very ‘odd’ name but is quite soothing and relaxing. The best track in this release is the melancholic “The Use of Chloroform”, an interesting and quite straightforward piece that is quite mesmerizing.

Closing with “Charcoal Stained Atmosphere”, we get some nice piano notes surrounding very minimalistic atmospheric elements. Overall, Sagntid delivers high-quality music with a very unique and characteristic sound. While not having tons of different elements and a lot of experimentation, this release is perfect for any fan of Dark Ambient bands that are looking for a low-key release that will awake all of their senses.

Band: Sagntid Album: The Undisciplined Heart of Sagntid
Label: 9th Meridian Records

Release: 2012

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Dark Ambient

Country: Denmark

Rating: 85/100

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