Abazagorath – Abazagorath (EP) (2012)


Making their triumphant return after a five year hiatus, Abazagorath returns with a self-titled EP that will instantly return them to the spotlight of the US Black Metal scene. As one of the pioneers of USBM Abazagorath released plenty of EP’s and two full-length albums that made them one of the most influential BM bands in the states, and with this EP they return in full force to reclaim their place.

Spanning over 20 minutes, “Abazagorath” is one hell of an EP that not only delivers gut-wrenching Black Metal attacks, but it also features a thick atmosphere around it. Since the opener “Conjuring” the band delivers some creepy clean guitars and keyboards, only to fully explode with some catchy riffs and a very dense atmosphere. Similar to bands like Gorgoroth and Horna, Abazagorath does a great job in using only basic elements to create eerie music.

The full-on devastation starts with the hectic “The Antigod”, in this track the drumming starts picking up and the waves of guitar riffs are just crushing. The vocals are pretty solid and very typical of BM, giving the music that extra layer of aggression. With that characteristic USBM sound, this release is action packed for any fan of the genre. With a more ‘melodic’ approach, “Lapse” delivers a very powerful track with an excellent bass guitar line. Again, this track reminded us a lot of Gorgoroth and their latest release.

Just before the EP comes to an end, “Immortals” and “Storms of Destruction” deliver more waves of powerful riffing and excellent vocal. Our favorite track is the atmospheric “Storms of Destruction”, and it’s very eerie opening section before fully exploding into Black Metal perfection. The riffing on the last two songs keeps being excellent and never sounding (extremely) repetitive or dull. The band obviously still has the magic to make great songs and deliver aggression without breaking a sweat.

In general, the production of this EP is very well polished allowing it to sound a bit raw without sounding like it was recorded in a toilet. The band’s sound is timeless and they return with a vengeance, the maturity of the songwriting is evident and perfectly fitting for a USBM release. The genre might change and many bands might go in different paths, but it is always refreshing to listen to the older bands deliver their traditional sound and approach to the genre in a crushing and devastating manner. This EP is highly recommended for any fan of the band and/or USBM follower.

Band: Abazagorath Album: Abazagorath
Label: NoVisible Scars

Release: February 27th, 2012

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Black Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 90/100

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