Idols Are Dead – Mean (2008)


Idols Are Dead are trying to take the USA by surprise with their very interesting mix of Trash metal, sleaze rock and some Metalcore hints. This Italian band manages to create interesting and modern sounding music that would appeal to fans of all of the previously mentioned genres and from all different age ranges in the metal community.

All tracks in this album blast you away from start to finish. All songs are very simple in nature since most riffs are very basic, but extremely effective. The catchiness achieved by the melody in all songs is one of the best things this band has going for them.

Hypno5e - Des Deux L'une Est L'autre (2007)


Hypno5e is a French band that plays avant-garde / experimental metal. I get plenty of albums to review each month and I have not heard anything like this album in quite a while, and I don’t mean this in a bad way “Des Deux L'une Est L'autre” is a very interesting album from start to end.

Since the first track Hypno5e sets the stage for a psychedelic voyage that the listeners are about to take. This album features a very good balance of ‘heavy’ metal parts with nice ambient passages that complement each other to perfection; the band has achieved a very unique balance of musical elements.

June 2009


Hello readers, our June update is still a work in progress however you can find enough interviews and reviews to entretain yourself until the next update in a few days/weeks. We are currently traveling, but the updates will still be happening.

We just covered WGT 2009 which was an amazing festival, and we have so much material in terms of pictures, interviews and just reviews of performances. We will be releasing a special edition for WGT 2009 in by August or so. We will also plan to have special editions about Hellfest and With Full Force, both festivals we are attending and be bringing you the best coverage from them.

Enjoy this update contents and be waiting for some more in the next few weeks. Plenty more of interviews and reviews will be updated during the next few weeks, so subscribe to our RSS feed to get all the new content.


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Ashes You Leave - Songs Of The Lost (2009)
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The Gathering - The West Pole (2009)
The Legion – A Bliss To Suffer (2009)
The New Black – The New Black (2009)


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